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Progeny Around the World

Cheshire Danes and Relatives!
Click on each dog's name to learn more about them!

The Boys The Girls
Cheshire's In A Black Suit - Anthony
Cheshire's Kisses for Cash -cash
Cheshire's Quite The Controvery-Gunner
CH, Cheshire's Made You Look- Myles
CH.Cheshire's Orion Star Chaser - Orion
CH. Cheshire's Poetry In Motion - Dylan
CH Cheshire's Sir Hendrick V. Longo - Henri
CH. Cheshire Sweet Ride O'Belldane-Payton
BISS Am/Can CH Cheshire's Tailor Made V. Longo - Tailor
Am/Int'l CH Cheshire's Valinor's Custom Made - Cutter
HIT Cheshire's Want-A-Be Somethin' CD - Want-A-Be
HIT CH Longo's Hazardous Material CDX - Mat
Longo's King of Knox FDCH - Rufus
CH Longo's More Than A Chance - Chanceler
CH Longo's The Last Tycoon - Trump. 
BISS CH. Ozdanes Got The Moves, "Jagger"
BISS GCH. Valinor-Cheshire's For The Ride, AOM - Tonka

Am/Int'l CH Valinor's Stax-Up V. Cheshire - Booker

Cheshire's Above All The Rest- Abbie
Am/Can GCH. Cheshire's Abre La Boca- Boca
Am/Int'l CH Cheshire's All That N' Thensome OA, AXJ, HOF - Ali
HIT Cheshire's Cleopatra V. Aztec CDX HOF - Cleo
Am/Can CH Cheshire's Havin' it All V. Longo - Hannah
Cheshire's Hear Me Roar-Nala
Cheshire's I do Declare OA, AXJ- Scarlett
Cheshire's Just Look My Way - Carmela
Cheshire's Lil' Hocus Pocus - Tabu
CH. Cheshire's Smokin' Hot Ember CD,BN,RE-Ember
CH. Cheshire's Somethin' ToTalk About - Gabbie
Cheshire's Sulita Negra - Sula
Cheshire's XK8 "Shaguar!" Powers, NAJ - K8
BISS CH. Belldane-Lore's Tonka's Latest News "Paige!"
CH. Kiamar's E-Ticket To Ride "Milan"
BISS CH Longo's Dressin Up Blonde - Clarice
CH. Longo's She's Outta Sight - Lindsay
CH. Lore Cheshire Riding High O'Belldane "Dani!"
CH RRB's Winning Colors - Diva
CH Tmeless Magic's Serenade V. Cheshire

Cheshire Danes Progeny Around the World!
Click on each dog's name to learn more about them!
   Swayd Every Which Way But Yours
AUS CH. Swayd Doing it My Way

 (New Zealand)
NZ CH. Lapeswood Paint it Black
BIS NZ CH. Lapeswood Private Dancer
FI CH. C'mon Just Do It

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