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Cheshire's I do Declare, OA, AXJ,RN

Scarlett is following in her mom's footsteps and running agility!
Owned by: Sheri Beck DVM, & Gordon Beraud
Bred by: Cheshire Great Danes
DOB: 11/11/2005
AKC Reg Num: WS15286102
Health Certs:
Sire: CH. Windy Hill's Kodak Moment
Dam: Am/Int'l CH Cheshire's All That N' Thensome OA, AXJ, HOF
Littermates: Cash
Scarlett @ 2 days old!

laying around with mom!
3 months old

sitting pretty in my backyard!
Sheri and Scarlett

First Qualifying run in Agility!
keeping up with my

mom "Ali", in agility!
6 years old!

Jumping at the GDCA Nationals!
BISS. CH. Chaney Brier Maserati Mistrl
WG321637 3/11/1989
OFA hips Good
1995 GDCA Award Of Merrit
BISS CH. Brier Rika Good Grief
WP69216301 2/16/1996
OFA hips Excellent
Top twenty contender
CH. Dustiny Good N' Plenty Etal
WP50097703 6/20/1993
OFA hips good
CH. Windy Hill's Kodak Moment
Wp977964/04 5/16/2000
OFA excellent, Cardiac normal-Echo, CERF and Thyroid Normal
Sire of 2003 & 2004 GDCA National winners!
CH. Fantasia's Lethal Weapon
WP34528711 4/28/1991
OFA hips Good
CH. Windy Hill's Astra V. Jerdan
WP60789801 2/21/1995
OFA hips Good; Cardiac Echo Normal
Jerdans Blonds have more fun
WP41202903 11/6/1991
OFA hips good
Cheshire's I do Declare, OA, AXJ,RN
CH Longo's More Than A Chance
WP580231/05 8/14/1994
Penn. Hip 80%
Multiple breed and group winner
BISS Am/Can CH Cheshire's Tailor Made V. Longo
WP823951/01 12/2/1997
OFA good, Thyroid, Cerf, & Cardiac Normal
Top Twenty contender;
CH RRB's Winning Colors
WP538702/06 2/8/1994
Feb.-8-1994 -- Sept. 9-11-2005
Top Brood Bitch 1999
Am/Int'l CH Cheshire's All That N' Thensome OA, AXJ, HOF
WR018721/02 4/1/2001
Deceased September 2012. 11.5 years old! Chic #31888
GDCA Hall of Fame Inductee
CH. Verlin Caprata’s Troubadour, CD
WP45339103 10/18/1992
CH Warwick's Valinor Flair. ROM
Wp706344/07 5/29/1996
OFA Excellent
BISS CH. Warwick’s Workin Without A Net
WP50732303 6/24/1993
OFA Excellent
Top Twenty Contender

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